For more than a decade, Chris Wright has been involved in all aspects of the industry from medical marijuana facilities, collectives, through the cannabis movement and its cultivation. He watched as the plant gave his father hope and quality of life while he suffered from lung cancer, which moved into his spine and later, his brain.

Wright was always aware of the obvious healing aspects that were being overlooked. With a purpose to educate, he decided he needed to take action and create a support system for everyone. With a background in the music and entertainment industry, he decided to marry his passions. Designed to create a movement and awaken the community, Cannabis Talk 101 was established in Orange County in 2015, before Calif. legalization was official.  

“As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned to never quit. There have been a lot of rough times throughout my life and I’ve done a good job at making it look easy. I’ve learned no matter what, you have to continue to keep working hard and never give up! Because, when you’re about to give up, you’re really about to do big things,” Wright said.

Through Cannabis Talk 101, Wright wanted to create a platform that would give back to the cannabis community, so he built the Grow and Grow Rich Academy (GGRA), an educational model and platform geared to identify and help entrepreneurs who want to start pursuing a legal cannabusiness. Traveling all over the United States, from Boston to L.A. and Florida to Michigan, Grow and Grow Rich Academy's Mission Statement is to spread the word of the positive benefits of marijuana… Educate those that believe in it… Convince those that don't… And Pay it Forward with donations to those that need it!


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