From the moment Chris Wright, better known as Blue, the genius that established Cannabis Talk 101 and Marc and Craig Wasserman, Pot Brothers at Law met, instantly they knew they shared something special. Together as industry professionals, Blue and the Pot Brothers at Law unite to positively advocate and educate - leading as voices and faces through the cannabis prohibition, empowering others to do the same.

Wright was always aware of the obvious healing aspects of cannabis that were being overlooked. With a purpose to educate, he decided he needed to take action and create a support system for everyone. With a background in the music and entertainment industry, he decided to marry his passions. Designed to create a movement and awaken the community, Cannabis Talk 101 was established in Orange County in 2015, before Calif. legalization was official. 

In February 2016, Blue was in search of a cannabis attorney to provide legal advice and information. Instead of one attorney, he found two, Craig and Marc Wasserman, the brothers behind the Pot Brothers at Law. With a combined total of over 50 years of legal experience, the Wassermans consult with individuals, families and professionals who are looking to open legal cooperatives, collectives or licensed grow and deliveries, as well as fighting for rights, criminal prosecutions and charges.

What is the goal of Cannabis Talk 101 (CT101)?

Blue: As professionals, our goal is to provide positive, informative and factual education for listeners and the cannabis community in hopes of helping break the stigma.

PBAL: Along with providing legal advice to help listeners, together, we utilize the platform to encourage others to come out of the green closet and show that cannabis consumers are not just stoners, lazy or losers -  we come from all different professions, backgrounds and lifestyles.

What’s your favorite thing about the show?

Blue: I really appreciate the way the three of us play off of each other. We have this unique bond that’s really special and fun and there is never a stale moment! We have the ability to pick up each other’s pieces and make a good team, a great comradery.

PBAL: We all respect each other and never step on toes. We knew right from the beginning we were creating a brotherhood.

What’s the toughest challenges you feel we face in the industry?

Blue: The stigma for sure. We have always been fighting to break through. People are always judging others who smoke or use cannabis like it’s a is not criminal!  We must unite as an industry and have a voice in order to make a positive impact.

PBAL: The regulations in Calif. Are a big hurdle and are creating problems for mom and pops, boutique, families, generations of growers and people who have been involved in the industry for decades and have been doing it properly.  What is legalization exactly because it is not written clearly.

Blue: Inside and out of CT 101 we are realizing there is a learning curve and people all of the United States and beyond are just uneducated, uninformed and not understanding specifically what their rights and the laws really are.

PBAL: Not to mention, the media glamorizes legalization in California and people come here with false hopes and information on the laws, legalization and even usage around cities and counties.

 What are the current laws in California?


-          Recreational: Must be 21 years or older to possess up to one ounce of flower or eight grams of concentrate

-          Physician Recommendation:  Possess eight ounces of flower or eight ounces of concentrate. Or four ounces of flower and four ounces of concentrate for a combine total of eight ounces. Regardless,  
            the patient can only posses a combined total of eight ounces of cannabis.

-          Can only smoke in private business, property or residence.

-          It is illegal and against United States Federal Law to travel or possess any amount of cannabis on aircraft or in airports, no matter if you have a Physician Recommendation or not.


-          Recreational: 21 years or older can grow up to six plants enclosed and not visible.

-          Physician Recommendation: Can grow as much is medically needed, what can be medically proved. However, it is illegal to sale your medicine!

Five places you cannot smoke is only for cannabis patients with a recommendation (patients can smoke anywhere else but these five places)
1. No Smoking Zone

2. Within 1,000 feet from school or youth facility

3. While operating motor vehicle – that includes driver and passenger(s)

4. Driver of a boat

5. On a school bus

Recreational: 21 years and older can only smoke in a private residence or private business.


What are the toughest challenges you face within Cannabis Talk 101?

PBAL: We can’t sat F*** on FM radio.

Blue: Getting into bigger markets and stations, especially because most companies/radio stations won’t and/or don’t support the cannabis community. We overcame a huge hurdle in Orange County and are so appreciative of the love we have received.

What separates Cannabis Talk 101 from other cannabis shows?

PBAL: Other shows do not have and/or offer the legal voices and presence.

Blue: I’ve formatted a free flow of information. Callers call in live and ask questions or provide their concerns and/or comments about the industry. It was important to create a platform that provided not only accurate education but that our show has made an impact and provides good results for everyone. Essentially, we are the pioneers of creating media for cannabis.

PBAL: We have had the privilege to touch politicians, attorneys, doctors, Senators, rappers, children, parents, veterans, athletes, brands, professionals and amazing people from all walks of lives and have created a special alliance. We are blessed to able to share the same  passion with everyone in and out of the cannabis industry and how the plant touches and affects everyone.




Outside of the men behind the mics, Jennifer Carrasco, an Accolade Award Winning Filmmaker is the woman behind the lens. A graduate from Cal State University Dominguez Hill with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media Arts and an emphasis in TV/film, Carrasco is the talented photographer, videographer, digital artists and social media manager. She also manages Cannabis Talk 101’s entrepreneur cannabis coaching academy, Grow and Grow Rich.